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The world we live in creates much disruption in people's lives - due to its fast pace, change in perceptions, expectations, early success etc. Everyone goes through some amount of stress in their day to-day lives which festers and become immovable mountains causing significant mental discomfort…. add to this, the stigma of seeking support for mental health issues / counselling and we have a population that is treading the perilous path of burn out leading to deficient states in mental, physical and emotional health.

Established in 2017 and headquartered in Bangalore, India, The Able Mind [a brand owned by DeStress Holistic Health Pvt. Ltd.] is a platform that facilitates and supports clients across the globe, with proactive & positive mental health support services online. We are a healthcare start-up certified, in March 2022, by the Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to change the social narrative around mental health, in India, by making professional mental health care more Accessible and Affordable while protecting the Anonymity of our clients.

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The Able Mind Values

Our Philosophy

Seeking support is seen as a reactive solution today… An individual reaches out only when their problem/s have turned into larger, more complicated issues that overwhelms them, resulting in a permanently “stressed-out” state of mind, detrimental to their overall quality of life.

At The Able Mind, we want to encourage proactive seeking out of mental health support as an everyday habit, because sometimes all it takes is a judgement-free space that allows us to ventilate and discuss our thoughts, fears and concerns to feel better…

We believe

Bullet That… one should not let problems fester from within, learning to let go is critical and can be learnt
Bullet That… we should solve for the molehills and not the mountains
Bullet That, problems do not define a person, neither does it limit one’s potential to overcome it, if only we harness our minds to handle everything that is in store,

Because… In every mind lies the ability to become something more…

Message from Our Founder


The Able Mind® was started with an intent to provide professional, inclusive, easy-access psychological counselling services, while trying to keep it as affordable as possible. We believe that mental wellness initiatives need to be collaborative and holistic healing is only possible when the efforts of an individual is combined with support from family, mental health professionals and the society at large.

We understand how hard it is to take the first step towards seeking help but let me assure you that your effort will not go in vain. The essence of good counselling is in providing genuine, confidential, non-judgemental support and counsel; and this is the ethical foundation upon which The Able Mind has been built.

Thank you for reaching out. It is only going to get better from here.

Rohini Kesavan Rajeev

Founder & Chief Practice Officer

What We Do

Our focus is also to increase the awareness about holistic wellbeing and ways to optimise mental healthcare by offering services across a spectrum of mental health support, including psychotherapy and counselling for:


Individuals - TAM App

Anonymous, affordable, accessible professional counselling services focussed on prevention, catharsis and collaborative care: Individual and Couple audio/video; In-Office psychotherapy sessions; Group therapy and other unique features/solutions



An integrated array of mental health support solutions moving to the TAM’s Employee Wellbeing model (the STEP approach) - mental health policy implementation, POSH / POCSO compliance training, workshops, customised modules and a slew of other offerings focussed on anticipating, avoiding and minimizing the potential impact of wellbeing issues on their professional outcomes resulting in increased engagement and results.



Preventive Catharsis

Preventive catharsis



Training, Education


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Our Leadership Team

Our Founders have always been in awe of the incredible potential of the human mind to grow and improve continuously. They have consistently re-imagined mental health care as a proactive effort that combines irreplaceable human expertise and compassion with the best of technology as a way to reach out to people and prevent them from feeling despondent… ( and why not? Isn't prevention always considered to be better than cure?). We have built a stellar team of psychologists, counsellors, psychiatric social workers, mental health advocates all of whom are passionate about Proactive and Preventive psychological practices, collaborative care and holistic health, bringing to the table their vast experiences across various domains.

Founder and CPO
Founder & CPO
Co-Founder and CEO
Co-Founder & CEO
Rajeev Vijayan, CEO
Co-Founder & CEO
Rohini Rajeev, CPO
Founder & CPO

The Able Mind Team