Register - Volunteer for Lend-A-Ear

A valid email id is required to register as a volunteer. You will receive a secure link which is required to authenticate your registered email id. Your identity will never be shared with anyone. If you are already registered with us, please login and update your volunteer preferences under your "Control Panel". You must be at least 21 years old to register as a volunteer. If you are under 21 years old you are not permitted to register for this functionality


You can also use your google/apple credentials to register as a volunteer. During this registration process we will only retrieve your basic profile (name, email and id). You will also be able to link your google credentials with your existing login at any time.
We welcome your interest but this feature will only be live once the app is launched. You can continue the registration to sign on a volunteer and we will reach out to you, to guide you through the required trainings, when we are ready to launch this functionality.
Free online training before you can start volunteering (through mobile app). No fixed timings and avility to control your availability. Internet connection required.