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How to Create a Calm and Joyful Holiday Season For Your Kids?

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01 Dec 2023
3 minutes read
The Able Mind
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How to Create a Calm and Joyful Holiday Season For Your Kids?

Summer holidays are like a refreshing breeze that brings excitement and adventure into our lives. But for parents, it can also be a time of stress and chaos, especially when it comes to creating a calm and joyful experience for their kids. 

Just like building a sandcastle requires planning and patience, creating a calm and joyful summer holiday season for your kids takes effort and thoughtful preparation. 

In this blog, we'll explore some of the best strategies, analogies, and research-backed tips for creating a calm and joyful summer holiday season for your kids.

Manage expectations: 

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but it can also be a time of disappointment and stress, especially for kids who have high expectations for the season. 

Helping your kids set realistic expectations for the holiday season can prevent disappointment and ensure that they have a happy and enjoyable experience. Here are some tips for managing your kids' expectations during the holiday season:

  • Manage their social calendar: During the holiday season, there are often many social events and activities that kids want to attend, from school parties to family gatherings. While it's important to participate in these events, it's also important to help your kids manage their social calendar and avoid over-scheduling. By setting limits and prioritizing events, you can prevent your kids from feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.
  • Discuss what they can expect from holiday events: Holiday events can be unpredictable, from long lines at the mall to crowded holiday parades. Before attending events with your kids, take some time to discuss what they can expect and how they can handle any potential challenges. By preparing them for what's to come, you can help them feel more comfortable and confident during holiday events.
  • Emphasize the importance of family time: While it's important to participate in holiday events and activities, it's also important to prioritize family time during the holiday season. Whether it's baking cookies together or watching a holiday movie, spending quality time with your kids can help them feel more grounded and connected, even amid a busy holiday season.

Prioritize self-care: 

As a parent, it's natural to want to prioritize your children's needs above your own. However, neglecting your self-care can lead to burnout and exhaustion, making it difficult to provide a calm and joyful environment for your kids. By making self-care a priority, you'll be better equipped to handle the demands of parenting and enjoy the time you spend with your children.

  • One of the most important aspects of self-care is getting enough sleep. When you're well-rested, you'll have more energy and patience to deal with the challenges that come with parenting. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep each night and establish a regular bedtime routine that helps you wind down and relax.
  • Another key component of self-care is exercise. Regular physical activity can help you manage stress, boost your mood, and improve your overall health. Whether you prefer running, yoga, or lifting weights, find an activity that you enjoy and make it a part of your daily routine.
  • Delegating tasks to others is also an important way to practice self-care. Many parents feel like they have to do everything themselves, but this can lead to feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Consider hiring a babysitter asking a friend or family member to help out with childcare, or hiring a cleaning service to take care of household chores. This can free up more time for you to focus on your own needs and recharge your batteries.

Other ways to prioritize self-care include practicing mindfulness, eating a healthy diet, and making time for hobbies and activities that you enjoy. Remember, taking care of yourself isn't selfish—it's essential for your well-being and for your ability to be a loving and present parent to your children.

Manage holiday stress: 

The holiday season can be a magical time for families, but it can also be stressful, especially for parents who may feel the pressure to create perfect holiday experiences for their kids. However, with a few simple strategies, it's possible to manage holiday stress and create a more relaxed and enjoyable season for everyone.

  • One of the most important ways to manage holiday stress is to prioritize time for relaxation and downtime. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations, but it's important to take breaks and recharge your batteries. Whether it's taking a few minutes to meditate or simply enjoying a cup of tea in a quiet space, make time for self-care and relaxation.
  • Another key strategy for managing holiday stress is setting boundaries with extended family members. While it's important to spend time with loved ones, it's also important to set limits and communicate your needs. If certain relatives tend to be critical or intrusive, for example, it's okay to limit your time with them or set clear boundaries for what you're comfortable discussing.

Other tips for managing holiday stress may include simplifying activities, saying no to invitations or events that feel overwhelming, and staying organized by making lists and prioritizing tasks. 

Remember, the most important part of the holiday season is spending time with loved ones and creating meaningful memories, so don't let stress get in the way of enjoying this special time of year.

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