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Preventive Health

What does Preventive Mental Health Support mean?

Mental health is not just the absence of mental illness. It's about feeling good about yourself and your life, and being able to cope with the everyday challenges that come your way. Preventive Mental Health is all about taking proactive steps to boost your mental well-being, even when you're feeling good. Counseling should always be the last support option, not the first. While counseling can be a very effective way to treat mental health problems, it's important to try Preventive Mental Health practices first, This is because counseling can be time-consuming and expensive, and may not always necessary.

Why is Preventive Mental Health support important?

Preventive Mental Health is crucial because it empowers individuals to cultivate inner strength, effectively handle stress, and unlock their full cognitive potential. By embracing preventive measures, we can fortify ourselves to conquer obstacles, embrace a resilient mindset, and foster lasting mental well-being. Picture a vibrant mental landscape where you effortlessly tackle challenges and thrive in all aspects of life – that's the power of Preventive Mental Health at work!

How can I take a preventive approach to maintain good mental health?

At The Able Mind, we're all about unleashing the full potential of your mind through engaging cognitive training programs. Imagine sharpening your memory, honing your attention, and supercharging your problem-solving abilities. These empowering exercises serve as your daily mental workout, keeping your mind in tip-top shape. But that's not all – we also invite you to embark on a journey of emotional release. Think of our quick connects as your personal anxiety buster, a safe space to vent, process emotions, and find solid emotional grounding amidst life's daily stressors. It's not just therapy; it's your ultimate support system for conquering the challenges that come your way.

How do I know if my mental health is fine?

According to Sigmund Freud, a healthy human being should be able to do 2 things- to love and to work. We know that we are ok when we find that we are able to manage the daily stressors that we face in our lives with a certain degree of calmness, we can self-soothe ourselves. When we are able to creatively generate a range of solutions and implement them effectively, when we are curious and interested in other people’s lives and are able to be empathetic towards their concerns, when can collaborate and work effectively with other people- these are all indicators that we are doing ok and managing well.

Mental health is a journey, not a destination. Just like your physical health, your mental health can change over time. It's affected by all sorts of factors, like stress, relationships, and even the weather. And that's okay! It's normal to have ups and downs. The important thing is to be aware of your mental health and to take care of yourself when you need to. The Able Mind provides you with the professional help, you require, to do just that.

What should I do if I need some urgent support with mental health?

Urgency can sometimes differ in definition from one person to another. Urgent mental health support would typically be a crisis - feeling a strong urge to do something to harm myself or to harm someone and unable to control that. Reaching out to a suicide prevention helpline at that point in time is the best thing to do and visiting a mental health centre would be good things to do.

That is at a more extreme end of the continuum. If one notices that, because of the way one has been thinking or feeling that their work is getting impacted, they are withdrawing from other people, or behaving a bit aggressively and unlike themselves with others, or their sleep . appetite has become impacted, then it is time to get some help. You can seek consultation from us at The Able Mind or any other preferred centre or professional that provides mental health support. If nothing else, then reach out to someone in person for some objective perspective and support.

How do I know if I need therapy or not?

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Just like you go to the doctor for physical checkups and take steps to prevent physical illness, you should also take care of your mental health. One way to do this is to seek therapy when things get tough. But you can also take proactive steps to strengthen your mental health, just like you would your physical take care of your heart. Your mental health is like a muscle: the more you work it, the stronger it gets. That's why it's important to be proactive about taking care of your mental health, even when things are going well.

Typical Mental Health Challenges among Young Adults in India

The youth of today lead lives very different from what young adult led even as recent as ten years ago. There is too much exposure to information, too much peer pressure to be and react a certain way, a multitude of expectations around appearance, learning and earning potential and too much permissiveness. How does one not succumb to stress then? Social media is rampant with both good and not so good things, many times one’s safety is compromised, loneliness increases although one’s social presence remains high. All of this affects their mental health. Problems like depression and anxiety and even scary ways to cope with issues like resorting to self-harm are unfortunately true of today’s young adults across the world, especially in India.

UNICEF compiled a report after a survey involving 20,000 children and adults in 21 countries during the early months of 2021. The report highlighted that Indians are restrained from seeking help regarding mental health issues. Moreover, out of 21 countries, India was the only country where a minority felt that people who battle mental health problems should seek support from others. This is not healthy and is extremely alarming.

These challenges can make it difficult for young adults to cope with their emotions and can lead to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. In India, there is also a stigma associated with mental health, which can make it difficult for young people to seek help. Remember, you are not alone. There is help available. Please reach out for support.

Young adults need a safe and supportive space to break the stigma around mental health and seek help anonymously. Uncurated articles on the web can be confusing and unhelpful. Instead, young adults need to be able to reach out to trusted family members and professionals.The Able Mind provides one such channel for young adults to reach out and seek help. It is a safe and supportive space where young adults can talk about their mental health challenges without judgment.

The Able Mind

What is The Able Mind, and how does it work?

The Able Mind is a digital mental health company primarily focussed on Preventive and Proactive mental Health. We do three things:

  • Proactively promote positive mental health with our workshops and awareness programs in organisations and educational institutions…
  • Focus on prevention and in providing accessible, super mindfully priced mental health support utilising the amazing potential of technology via our app (called The Able Mind). Our app aims to reach out to anyone with a concern that is coming in the way of them leading a life of quality… especially the youth of today… This is a simle subscription based, anonymous chat based platform where our team of qualified and trained mental health professionals provide supervised "On The Go" counselling on various topics like college/work/personal growth/mental health issues like mild to moderate depression/anxiety/ relationship issues etc. both in real time as bite sized 15 min live chat sessions and more intensive and synchronous Therapy over Text in which you are always connected to the same counsellor as as long as you continue to use our services. All this is included in your subscription. We also have a curated list of articles, and self-help links compiled from various sources and a 90 % verified directory of helpline numbers, mental health hospitals, rehabilitation centres etc. available for almost 17 states on the app…
  • We provide psychotherapy services via our website, we have a team of highly experienced counselling psychologists, life coaches and marriage/family therapists who provide hourly therapy sessions by appointment via 5 mediums (video/audio/chat/email and in office ) and in several Indian regional languages(kannada, hindi, malayalam, tamil, punjabi etc.apart from english)

What is your mission with this initiative?

To change the social narrative around mental health in India and help people find meaningful and fulfiling lives. Mental health issues don’t happen overnight; they result from months and years of unresolved issues that have festered over time. Through the Able Mind, we want to encourage everyday conversations, helping people handle small issues - one day at a time, and not have to worry about stigma or burning deep holes in their pocket when they try to reach out for help… We want people to talk about what's on their mind, as it happens.

Let's be real - therapy is expensive and out of reach for many people. And people often only seek therapy when their mental health has significantly deteriorated. While we provide full fledged counselling services through our experienced counsellors, we're here to help people take care of their mental health every day, not just when they're in crisis. Currently Mental Health is a very exclusive service – can be afforded by few and not socially acceptable. We want to make this a commodity service - that everyone can access, regardless of their income, by reducing the barriers to entry (price) and barriers to adoption (anonymity and accessibility).

Are The Able Mind services available to businesses, organizations, and institutes?

We're passionate about helping businesses and educational institutions create a healthier and more productive work and learning environment. That's why we developed CARES, a unique program that addresses both employee engagement and well-being. We also have a Student Success program that helps students get ready for life and their careers. If you're ready to create a more positive and productive workplace or school, reach out to us today! We'd love to learn more about your needs and how we can help.

How do you get your counsellors on board?

We have several hiring strategies based on the role. Our affiliate consultants are senior, experienced therapists who either reach out to us directly to be a part of our team, or come via peer referrals. We then onboard them after a selection process that includes a value alignment assessment.

Our chat counselors have completed their master's degree in counseling psychology, clinical psychology, or psychiatric social work with a minimum of 250 hours of supervised counseling experience. That said we have counselors with varying experience levels on the team, including those with 10 years of experience, supporting users on the App.

The biggest criteria for our hiring, outside of the basic qualification, however, remains those who believe in and share our vision to change the social narrative around mental health in India and the power to make a difference in the lives of those who do not even know how we can help them.

The Able Mind App

How can I download the app?

The Able Mind App is available on both Google Play Store ( and App Store (

Is The Able Mind app free to use?

The app is free to download and offers a trial period (5 days) allowing users to experience our platform and its features. During this trial, certain services, governed by the fair usage policy, are available at no cost. However, following the trial period, we offer affordable subscription plans providing access to a wider range of features, including unlimited chats and access to our extensive mental health resources and articles.

How is The Able Mind app different from normal face-to-face / online therapy?

The Able Mind App is not a replacement for psychological interventions or psychotherapy, face to face or online. The Able Mind provide end to end Mental Health Support and our counsellors are equipped to address a variety of problems. But not everyone needs therapy, and not everyone is comfortable with talking to a counsellor face to face. The Able Mind app provides a channel to encourage everyday conversations amongst people to help them handle, in real time, the issues that occur to them everyday - small episodes of anger, frustration, sadness, loneliness, helplessness etc., that when allowed to fester become pathological issues that would need long lasting interventions and even medical support.

The App also provides people access to long term Therapy over chat without the associated exorbitant costs and commitments. You have professional help anytime, anywhere without ever revealing your identitiy. And this support is provided by qualified mental health professionals who are equipped to help you identify and handle your concerns quickly and much better than trained peer groups and other allies. We understand that there are several issues that happen to all of us daily which need to be addressed and which can be resolved just by lending a non-judgmental ear to someone and teaching a healthier way to cope with it.

Thats what our app is meant for - your stigma and judgement free professional space for support and empowerment!

What are the different pricing plans for the app subscription?

Our aim is to make Mental Health support mindfully priced, Accessible and Anonymous and we are razor focussed on creating the most effective platform at the right price for our clients. Our objective is to make Mental Support support a commodity and we have priced the same to ensure that it does burn a hole in one's pocket.

We have monthly, quarterly and annual subscription plans at Rs 499/-, Rs 1299/- and Rs 4999/- respectively (exclusive of GST).

These plans provide you unlimited access to live counsellor connects (at 15 minutes per session), offline / asynchronous intensive therapy with your counsellor at your own pace, verified resource lists, self help articles and guides that that support holistic wellbeing. You also have access to scheduled counsellor led peer therapy sessions and more. Additionally these subscriptions provide you with additional discounts for therapy sessions with our affiliate and empanelled counsellors through our website.

Mental Health Support at just Rs 499/month! How is this possible?

We offer mindfully priced prices because we're focused on helping people solve their everyday problems through interactive chat sessions, which allows us to provide professional support to multiple people simultaneously. We have created a platform that is mindfully priced, helps people everyday by making them feel a little better without ever compromising on quality. We hire counsellors with an advanced degree in Psychology, and all our clinical work is supervised. We do not compromise on the quality of the service provided (mental health support is supporting someone’s life and we take our responsibility seriously).

Are my details are safe? How does "anonymous" counselling work?

You can register with any user name your prefer - it just has to be unique in the system. Other than this we need a valid mobile or email id, so we are able to reach you in case of emergencies and your age and gender. For legal reasons, we require that all minors (below 18 years) provide their legal guardian information. Only your user name, age and gender can be accessed by the counsellor on the app and any other details are only available to the Operations Lead and Chief Practice Officer of the company. We will never share your personal details with any third party without your explicit consent. Please read our Our Privacy Policy for more information on how we handle your personal data.

Why is my access limited during the trail period?

Our trial period is designed to allow clients to familiarize themselves with our system and feel comfortable before making a commitment. We prioritize accessible mental health support and employ a fair usage policy to ensure a positive experience for all users. This policy aims to strike a balance between offering valuable resources during the trial and ensuring prompt service for paid subscribers For inquiries, contact us at [email protected] or +91 9035300736.

Appointments / Booking

How do I make a booking?

Please click on the Book Appointment button and choose one of 3 options

  • Choose by counsellor - you prefer to speak with a specific counsellor
  • Choose by date - You want to choose a counsellor based on your availability
  • By Coupon Code - You have a coupon code for a complimentary session
If no counsellors are available for the date selected, please try another date. Our counsellor availability is updated fortnightly for the subsequent two weeks. Once you select the date, please fill up the final booking form and complete the payment to confirm your booking. The reservation is Confirmed only after the consultation fees have been paid. Note: You will need to be registered to book a session with us.

Why am I unable to choose an appointment slot based on my availability?

Here's what you need to know:

  • You can only book slots that the counselor has made available.
  • The minimum duration of a session is 1 hour, so you can only select a slot that is part of a contiguous hour.
  • You cannot book appointments in the past, and the administrator may also restrict how far in advance you can make reservations.

If you need to book a session for a specific date and time, please contact us through our Contact Us page. We will try our best to accommodate your request, but it may not always be possible.

I am unable to proceed as I am getting an error message that only tells me that "This error has been logged". What does this mean?

This just means that our website has developed a cold and not running as expected in certain situations. These errors are logged in our database and our support team is immediately notified to look into this. We request your patience and ask you to check again in a couple of hours.

I wish to make a booking for someone who is not registered at The Able Mind. Can I do that?

Yes. At the time of booking please enter the details of the individual who will avail this session. Conference/chat details will be sent to the booking email id - mentioned at the time of booking, once the appointment is confirmed. This will allow the individual to join the conference without logging in. Please ensure that the timezone is correctly set so the booking date and time is correctly displayed for the user. If you are making a booking for a minor, please register the minor and provide your information (under guardian details) before making the booking.

Will I get a refund if I need to cancel an appointment after payment is complete?

Instead of cancelling an appointment you can always reschedule your appointment if the date and time does not work for you. Please send us an email at Support or call us at + 91 9035300736 (between 9 AM and 6 PM) and we will help you reschedule your appointment. if you do not wish to reschedule your appointment, you can request for cancellation. The cancellation and refund will be processed once it is approved by The Able Mind. Please refer our Cancellation Policy for more information about the cancellation and refund process.

An online appointment - scheduled for me by my counsellor, has been cancelled by The Able Mind. Why is that happening?

An online appointment is Confirmed only after the required consultation fees has been paid. The company would, at its discretion and based on request, create an appointment on your behalf and you will be required to make the payment by the date that reflects on your appointment dashboard. If the fees have not been paid by that time and there is no communication from the user, the session would be automatically annuled as documented in our Cancellation Policy. This is to ensure that the slot can be made available to other clients who would require that slot.

I am new to therapy. How should I choose my counsellor?

All TAM counsellors have all completed a post-graduation in Counselling Psychology, Clinical Psychology or Psychiatric Social Work and have years of counselling experience. They are experienced in different settings like school, work, college, hospital, relationships etc and onboarded to provide you with a wide range of expertise and language options that you may be looking for. Click the counsellor card, to read through their complete profile, and choose a counsellor based on their areas of expertise and relevance of their experience to your concerns.

Payments and Discounts

I am facing an issue with payment. What should I do?

Please reach out to us, through the contact options available on our Contact Us page. You also also pay directly through UPI () mentioning your appointment number in your transfer notes on your UPI App. Please send us a screenshot of the payment confirmation via email or over Whatsapp.

Are there any discounts I can get for multiple sessions that I may need with my counsellor?

Please discuss this with your counsellor. The number of sessions cannot be decided without a good understanding of the issues. Your counsellor will be able to setup, if required, recurring appointments for you at a discounted price (depending on the number of required sessions).

How do I make the payment?

All payments are integrated into the booking flow. Once you have confirmed your slot and counsellor you will be directed to the payment gateway (Razorpay) express checkout pop-up where you can make the payment using your credit card/debit card or netbanking. We accept domestic and international credits. For any appointments - made on your behalf, by The Able Mind, you can make payments directly through The Able Mind by clicking the "Pay" button next to the appointment on the dashboard page or directly using the payment link that would have been generated and sent across to your email / mobile number.

How much does a session cost?

Yes. At the time of booking please enter the details of the individual who will avail this session. Conference/chat details will be sent to the booking email id - mentioned at the time of booking, once the appointment is confirmed. This will allow the individual to join the conference without logging in. Please ensure that the timezone is correctly set so the booking date and time is correctly displayed for the user. If you are making a booking for a minor, please register the minor and provide your information (under guardian details) before making the booking.

Will I get a refund if I need to cancel an appointment after payment is complete?

Our therapy sessions start at Rs 500 / hour. We have multiple counsellors, with different specializations, on our website and we continue to add more every month. Each counsellor has a different fee which is displayed on the counsellor card at the time of making a booking. Any discount, applicable to you - based on your subscription or your profile, will be automatically applied at the time of booking.

I cannot afford the fees but desperately need help. Can The Able Mind help me?

Your mental health is our priority. If you are in financial distress and unable to afford the price, please send us a note using the chat feature on your dashboard / an email at Support / provide us with required information at the time of requesting an appointment. We operate on a sliding scale and can accommodate your request if it is truly genuine. You can also use The Able Mind App for unlimited offline and online therapy options that are included in our subscription price (Rs 499 / month).

I have made the payment but the status still shows up as Due. What should I do?

Please accept our apologies for this issue. This can happen if there is a network or handshake error and the data from the payment gateway has not reached us within a few seconds of making the payment There is no need to worry. If the payment is successful, the status will be automatically corrected as part of the payment reconcilliation batch runs. Please check your dashboard after 4 hours and, if you still see this issue reach out to us at Support with a copy of the notification that you would have received from the payment gateway/your bank. We will resolve this on priority. Please note that once you have intiated your payment, your payment will no longer be auto-cancelled by the system.

User Registration

How do I register with the Able Mind?

Click here to register. You can choose to sign up using your Google / Apple / Whatsapp credentials or manually enter your details. You need to have a valid phone / email id to register with us and the registration guide will take you through the process of setting you up in our systems.

I am able to sign in to The Able Mind using my Google /Apple / Whatsapp credentials. What is the specific information that is retrieved from social media profile?

All applications that access Google/Apple APIs must verify that they accurately represent their identity and intent as specified by Google’s/Apple's API Services User Data Policy. We comply with the same and the only scope that we request is the basic profile - your name, email id, and photograph (if available). Any additional information, that we need, will be requested from you during the registration process. When you register through Whatsapp - service offered by OTPLess, the only information we receive are your name and your mobile number.

I wish to remain anonymous during my therapy sessions and not reveal my identify to The Able Mind. Can I do that?

You can choose to remain anonymous by providing a non-identifiable email id (that you own and is valid), provide your mobile number as +91 0000000000, and enter a user name that cannot be traced back to you. You can opt for Phone consultations and/or chat consultations so your identity is not revealed to our counsellors. By registering anonymously, you also confirm that you are atleast 18 years of age. If you are a minor, ensure that you provide your parent/guardian's details appropriately. Please read our Privacy Policy and our eligibility criteria, and our Terms & Conditions.

Is my data private?

Absolutely. Your data is completely secure and encrypted in our databases that are hosted on Amazon EC2 server. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information about how your data is maintained and secured. Your data is never shared with anyone and you will be required to sign a Release of Information form should you wish to have any information (your case information) released to yourself at your registered mail id.

What is an access code? How do I get one?

An access code is usually provided your organization or university that you are a part off. You can use the access code to get access to our services as agreed by the corporate agreement in place and communicated to your by HR / Operations / Admin team.

What is a referral code field in the payment page? What do I provide there?

A referral code is a code that is provided by an individual, who is part of our ambassador program and has referred you use our website / mobile app services. Leave this field blank if you do not have this information.

I have made the payment but the status still shows up as Due. What should I do?

Please accept our apologies for this issue. This can happen if there is a network or handshake error and the data from the payment gateway has not reached us within a few seconds of making the payment There is no need to worry. If the payment is successful, the status will be automatically corrected as part of the payment reconcilliation batch runs. Please check your dashboard after 4 hours and, if you still see this issue reach out to us at Support with a copy of the notification that you would have received from the payment gateway/your bank. We will resolve this on priority. Please note that once you have intiated your payment, your payment will no longer be auto-cancelled by the system.

Account Settings

There seem to be features I believe would make the website more functional and usable. How do I provide my recommendations?

We are more than happy to receive your suggestions and appreciate your inputs. This website has been built and upgraded based on feedback that we have received, over the past many months, from people that have used our services. Please send us an Email and we would be more than happy to review and include them in future releases.

What is the Merge Account functionality that is displayed when I log in?

The Merge Accounts functionality is triggered if the system detects more than one account sharing the same email-id or phone number. This is simply to streamline your login process and to ensure that you do not have to deal with multiple registrations that you may have inadvertantly created. Your currently logged-in account will become the primary account, and all relevant information and subscriptions from any other account you choose to merge will be ported across. This means that you'll have everything you need in one place, including your previous bookings, payments and subscription information. You can ignore this if you wish to continue to login with multiple ids.

You can also manually review and merge duplicate accounts using the "Merge Account" option available within your Control Panel / Settings after logging in.

How do I change my name, password and/or other details?

You can do that in the Control Panel which will be accessible after you log in. Please note that you will not be able to change your registered email id as it is linked to subscriptions and payment credits. If you wish to change your primary login id please send us an email, as mentioned in our contact us section, and we will update the same based on your request.

I have forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

You can change your password from your a rel='noopener' href='.login.php'>Login page. Please enter your registered login id and click on "Forgot Password". The system will generate an authentication token that will be sent to your registered email id / mobile number. Please provide the token and you will be able to change your password once authenticated. Use the new password to login. You can also change the password from the Control Panel after logging in. If you are unable to access your primary account (email/mobile), please reach out to us and we will update the same for you. Please note, that passwords cannot be changed, through The Able Mind, for accounts linked to your socials.

I have a GST number. How do I associate it with my account?

You can update your GST information in the "Tax Information" option available to you in your Control Panel Menu option once you log in. Please provide your GST number, validate the information and then click on Update GST details to register the same against your profile.

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