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Advocate for Mindful Well-Being (Empower, Influence, Transform)

Empower as a Mental Health Ambassador, fostering positive change among peers and society.

Student Mental Health Ambassadors

Become a Mental Health Ambassador and promote mental health. Earn while your Learn

Earn While You Learn


About the Program

Mental health Ambassador
  • Anxiety Mission-driven Initiative (Equip ambassadors to champion mental health, nurturing a supportive culture of awareness and positive change)
  • Resilience Ambassador Empowerment (Training Ambassadors for effective mental health promotion in communities.)
  • Depression Community Impact Focus (Changing views on mental health, promoting proactive measures, and involving youth to end stigma)
  • Parenting Commission-Based Advocacy (Ambassadors earn commissions for subscriptions, fostering change with rewards.)
  • Parenting Flexible Engagement (Flexible schedules and innovative approaches to engage in advocacy, fitting around your academic commitments.)


Program Benefits

Student Ambassador Program Benefits
  • Employee Coaching Earn Commissions (Ambassadors have the opportunity to turn mental health advocacy into rewarding commissions)
  • Comprehensive Support Skill Development (Gain valuable leadership, communication, and advocacy skills essential for personal growth and future career endeavors.)
  • Webinars Community Impact (Play a pivotal role in fostering positive mental health change among peers and society, contributing to a supportive and empathetic community.
  • Interventions Recognition and Rewards (Active participants, contributing to program success, will receive a certificate recognizing their social impact contributions.
How it Works


Program Structure

Mental health Solution for Educational Institutes
  • P.I.E. framework Enrollment Sign-up / Join the porgram by clicking here
  • Building Resilience Parental Consent To participate in this program, you must be based in India and be at least 16 years old. If you are under 18 years of age, we will need parental or legal guardian consent before we can onboard you
  • Building Resilience Onboarding Briefing entails getting acquainted and receiving rapid training, where you'll receive the ambassador referral code/ID and ensure compliance with consent requirements.
  • Complimentary Support Incentive Structure If you notice someone in distress or who could benefit from The Able Mind app, invite them to subscribe using your referral code. They'll receive a discount, and you'll earn a fixed amount credited to your ambassador account monthly. Details will be shared during the oboarding process.
  • Anonymous Payout: All payments will be remitted monthly based on subscriptions referred during that month.
  • Anonymous Duration & Commitment: You have the freedom to opt out of the program whenever you wish — just drop us an email. Your referral code will then be promptly deactivated from our system
Join Now / Sign-Up


Join Now / Sign-Up

Ready to make an impact and earn? Sign up now to become a Student Mental Health Ambassador.

Mental health Solution for Educational Institutes

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More Details

Mental health Solution for Educational Institutes
  • bullet for focus of program What is the focus of the Student Ambassador Program? The heart of the Student Ambassador Program beats with the mission to empower young minds as Mental Health Ambassadors, driving a positive shift in mental health awareness and advocacy among communities and peers. This mirrors our vision to revolutionize the narrative surrounding Mental Health in India. We firmly believe that meaningful change begins with the active engagement of our youth in every social initiative.
  • bullet for eligibility What is the eligibility criteria for joining? To be a part of the Student Ambassador Program, individuals must be at least 16 years old. If under 18, parental or legal guardian consent is necessary. Presently, this program is exclusively available to Indian citizens due to its commission and incentive structure.
  • bullet for referral code question Will I receive a unique referral ID, and how does the commission structure work? Yes, ambassadors receive a referral code/ID as part of your onboarding and after validation of the eligibility. These referral codes can be used by the refered individual on the payment page after they choose a subscription plan. Further details will be shared at the time of onboarding.
  • bullet for need to register Do I need to register on the website to enroll in this program. (It is not required for you to register on but you are most welcome to do to receive personal support you may require.,
  • bullet for referral commission How would I know if my referral code has been used and would I get to know who has used it? Whenever your referral code is applied you will receive an email confirming the plan that has been selected and what amount is added to your ambassador wallet. Personal details of the subscriber will not be shared, with ambassadors, as per our Privacy Policy
  • bullet for program diuration What's the duration of the program commitment, and what kind of training and support do ambassadors receive? The program offers flexible engagement, allowing ambassadors to opt-out at any time. Ambassadors receive training focused on mental health advocacy, along with ongoing support for their efforts.
  • bullet for I am not a student I am not a student. Can I still enroll in the program? Absolutely! While the program is designed for students, we welcome individuals who are passionate about mental health advocacy and eager to make a positive impact. Feel free to enroll and join our community of Mental Health Ambassadors.

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