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24X7 On-The-Go Counselling

Navigating work, relationships, and life can be tough but our team of experts can help make it easier. Download The Able Mind App and connect with a counsellor right away.

Work, relationships and life can be tough. Talking to the right people makes it easier. Our team of experienced psychologists can help you feel better, live better. Download The Able Mind App and connect with a counsellor right away.

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Mindfully priced, Anonymous and Accessible Support

Feel Better in 15 Feel Better in 15 - Inverted

Feel Better in 15

Psychological first aid: A signature service that offers 15-minute live chat with counselors to address daily issues, prevent crises, and improve mood. Convenient, Confidential and Safe
Therapy over Text Therapy over Text - Inverted

Therapy Over Text

Marquee offering that allows clients to communicate with a therapist via text message for convenient, accessible, and effective long-term therapy on your own schedule.
Tide Over Together Tide Over Together - Inverted

Tide Over Together

Counsellor-led peer group sessions on various topics scheduled multiple times a week. Share experiences, learn from others, and develop coping skills in a safe and supportive space.
Mental Health Resource Centers and Articles Mental Health Resource Centers and Articles - Inverted

Resource Centers and Articles

Learn about mental health and well-being, and find local emergency resources, with The Able Mind's curated collection of articles and videos.
Mental Health Self Help Mental Health Self Help - Inverted

Self Help

Learn about and manage your emotional wellbeing with The Able Mind's guides, mediations, assessments and more.
Your Story and Mine Your Story and Mine - Inverted

Your Story and Mine

Read personal stories of mental health challenges to find inspiration and support.
Gift a Subscription Gift a Subscription - Inverted

Gift a Subscription

Give the gift of mental health support to someone you care about. A subscription to The Able Mind is a thoughtful and meaningful gift for anyone who is struggling with their mental health and unable to take the first step towards seeking help.
Calming Music Calming Music Illustration

Calming Music

Listen to a collection of instrumental music designed to help people relax and de-stress. The music is composed by experienced musicians and is based on sound therapy principles.
Mental Health Journaling Mental Health Journaling - Inverted


Coming Soon: A guided experience that helps people to reflect on their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Designed to help people to identify and challenge negative thoughts, track their progress, and improve their overall well-being.

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preventive proactive support to help depression and ewnxiety

Proactive and Preventive Mental Health Support

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Testimonials from Feel Better in 15 users

Get a sneak peek into what our users say (unedited) about their conversations with our therapists, without any of their personal information being revealed.

Hi Sunshine in Human Form, Not sure what I could address you as and since that's how I felt after reading your response I decided to call you so, Apologies if that sounded informal and if that's not okay. I hope you are doing well and fine. More power to you. Thank you for all those words of validation and Empathy. I Truly appreciate everything said and also your concern.

App is well designed and conversations start from where it was left off

all psychologists are great listeners. they all always try to feel you better. they are truly problem solvers.

Thanks for being here for me. I felt I was being heard and could communicate openly with my counsellor.

Amazing i want to rejoin. helping me alot. The storm has calmed down I just love this space. your words are healing

I appreciate that this platform has given me a space to vent, since I don't have anyone else to talk to.

I get so much clarity on my daily issues when I talk to my therapist. It helps me feel more sorted and in control of my life.

I was having a panic attack in the mall the other day, and I called my therapist. They helped me ground myself and focus on my breathing. Within a few minutes, I was able to calm down and continue with my day.

I would just love to thank you for being here to help me out with everything so patiently. Discussing things with you made me feel lighter, without hesitation for sure! Thanks a bunch!

बात करने से हम बेहतर हो सकते है।

well this is what heroes do

this is just woww!

one of the best session...i feel much better now

no needs of improvement just , the feature of replying specific text is needed, it's excellent

it was so great to be able to talk about the things you are unable to say to the people you know or don't know at all but here ots all good

It was amazing, just amazing. Thanks veera for your precious time.

the person was so amazing and understanding..

im loving this app and my therapist

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