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Mr. Curious
Finding Happiness - through the eyes ...
Story(2 minutes read)

Maya's life had morphed into a tangled web of worries, each thread intertwining with the next, threatening to smother her spirit. The weight of responsibilities bore down on her shoulders, and despair whispered hauntingly in her ear. Yet, Maya... Read More

Doing Mediocrity Well
Experiences(2 minutes read)

In a world that pushes excellence into our faces, is it okay to be mediocre? 

As a... Read More

Life and Drawers
Quote(1 minute read)

 Read More
Life and Drawers
Quote(1 minute read)

 Read More
The Dreamer
Poem(2 minutes read)

Fields of gold lay before his gaze,

The splendid hue shining up to his face;

The beauty of the world took his breath away

Far from the madding crowds that held his sway.

The dreamer has a vision, the dreamer led... Read More

It's okay to not be okay
Letter(1 minute read)

Dear Me,

Somedays you open your eyes and you don't feel as good as you always do, you pick up every ounce of your strength and get up knowing that there is nothing troubling you yet you just feel so tired to face the day. You... Read More

Mr. Curious
Life to Death - a montage
Experiences(8 minutes read)

There are two sides to me. There is the basic knowledge side: my name, my likes and dislikes, my hobbies; and there is my deep side: my thoughts and feelings towards certain subjects and my views on life. For some reason I don't like people... Read More

Poem(1 minute read)

The placid waters of the lake below

Encapsulating on its surface

The wide spectacular beauty of the world above

Charmed my petulant heart of love.

I longed to see the blue above

And forever remain... Read More

Mr. Curious
The Child
Poem(1 minute read)

On the cobbled pathway, the tiny feet they tread

Burdened with poverty, in search of daily bread.

The wind was howling, the dirge of the night

Hunger was her only defense, no hope in sight.

It was woefully... Read More

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