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The Bard
The Beacon of Hope
Poem(1 minute read)

When everything seems lost, and shadows fall,

When dreams dissolve and hopes seem frail and small,

In depths of night, when silence echoes loud,

A whisper stirs, determined, unbowed, unbowed.

When storms... Read More

Asmita Sharma
My relationship with my in-laws
Experiences(1 minute read)

My name is Asmita Sharma. I got married on 12th February 2024 and currently I am putting my with in Damoh , MP with my husband.

I am a teacher by profession and my husband works in SBI.

After my marriage I lived with my in-laws for... Read More

A Hopeless Man
Letter(2 minutes read)

Dear Sir , 


     I don't know will I be able to correctly express my problems to you or not, but I will try... Read More

Couldn't take anymore
Story(1 minute read)

Everyday is becoming tougher it feel like I'm surviving and not living my life I have forgot how to smile and how I used to live through the day the activities I enjoyed doing I don't don't feel like doing it anymore

My perception... Read More

Unrequited love
Letter(1 minute read)

Dear love,

Have I not held you in my arms when you were in agony, said I would share it with you for the love I had for you. How irony it is, instead of sharing you just gave that agony to me my love. Have I turned away from... Read More

Don't know
A feelinh
Quote(1 minute read)

In the end everything comes to how you tackled the pain not how big the problem is .

 Read More
Stay Grateful and happy 😊
Experiences(2 minutes read)

Hey, lovelies! You know it's been common these days to start a converse starting with the line -"Hope you all are doing well " but today as I know that you are here reading my experience off course you are dealing with ups... Read More

No Joint Family living. Daughters an...
Story(4 minutes read)

I will always advice families with a daughter not to live in a joint family thinking big family is loving family and its safe. No living in a nuclear family is always best and safe for our daughters and sisters.

Hi Friends... Read More

Therapist friend
Poem(1 minute read)

To the people who thought I was alright

I was for a while

But to be very honest I wasn't really feeling nice

I had people with problems I had to deal with them

I saw me in them so I thought to heal something in them... Read More

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