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  • Consent to TAM Services:

    I consent to receive mental health services (which can include assessment, consultation, referral and other services as recommended and considered necessary) for myself from The Able Mind (TAM). I understand the TAM consultant will use their professional discretion to provide required recommendations about the type of professional services that may be required at any given point of time. I understand that TAM is not a suicide prevention or suicide helpline agency and the consultation is not for suicide prevention
  • Limitations of TAM Services:

    I understand that these sessions are not suitable for help during a crisis or emergency. I do not hold TAM responsible should any adverse events, such as lack of improvement, deterioration or situations of potential risk of harm to self or others occur during consultation(online or in-person). I understand that in such circumstances, I may be advised to obtain treatment at the nearest available mental health hospital or emergency service.
    I understand that TAM does not provide suicide prevention services and is not a suicide prevention helpline. I hereby undertake that TAM reserves the right to discontinue the session, in case the same is out of the scope of services provided by TAM. Further, TAM will provide a list of suicide helpline agencies in case it is found that my case is not suitable for TAM.
  • Confidentiality of TAM Services:

    I understand that all sessions with TAM- which includes personal data, scheduling of or attendance of sessions, content, progress, and records- will be kept strictly confidential. I understand that all TAM Employees, Affiliates and Consultants have signed non-disclosure agreements and for reasons of appointment scheduling, appointment management and payment confirmations, the administrative staff of TAM will have access to my contact information and booking details, but under no circumstance will this information be misused or shared with anyone outside of TAM (Refer Consent for Release of Information section below). I agree to use a secure connection in a private space for these sessions. I also agree to not share or disseminate these sessions in any form to any person or through social media. I understand that the therapy sessions, or the conversations/ interactions I have with my Therapist AT TAM will not be recorded(video or audio) or shared without my written consent, and I will abide by the same rule and not record or share my therapy sessions, or any concerversations I have with any TAM employee, TAM affiliate or TAM consultant without a written consent prior to such an event. I understand that no screenshots of interactions (sessions, messages) on the website will be taken or shared at any point without my consent and I agree to not taking screenshots of sessions, conversations or any interaction between me and any employee, affiliate or consultant of TAM. Without my written consent, no person, outside of TAM, can have access to the information I share. I understand the exception to this includes mandates by a court of law and planned and intentional risk of harm to self and/ or others (such as suicidal attempts, child and elder abuse, acts of violence, etc). Please refer our Privacy Policy (provided in Consent for Release of Information section) for additional information.
  • Legal Disclaimer:

    The website is not a suicide helpline platform. If you are considering or contemplating suicide or feel that you are a danger to yourself or to others, you should discontinue the use of the services immediately and please notify the appropriate police or emergency medical personnel. If you are thinking about suicide, immediately call a suicide prevention helpline.
  • Commitment to TAM Services:

    I agree to play an active role in planning and meeting the goals, and understand that no promises have been made to me as to the results of the services provided. I understand and consent that for the purpose of providing the best possible care to me, the TAM consultant may consult with other mental health professionals (who are bound to keep the information confidential) on a particular aspect of my care; and that in such events, no personal and identifiable information will be released.
  • Duration & Payment of TAM Services:

    I understand that I am not entitled to pro-bono sessions, unless it is requested and accepted by the CPO of TAM and that all appointments need to be scheduled and confirmed before 24 hours of the requested appointment time. I understand that confirmation means making full payment for the session prior to the session. I also understand that any appointment that has not been confirmed will be automatically canceled as per our Cancellation policy, and that the onus of rescheduling the same lies with me; my TAM therapist or any TAM employee will not remind me or check back on the appointment. Should my company be sponsoring the cost of these sessions, then I understand that the sponsorship will be valid only for the length of my company’s contract period with TAM, or the length of my employment, whichever comes first; following which I will need to pay for further services. I understand that all confirmed NO SHOW (when the appointment is paid for but the client does not show up for the session) sessions will not be refunded. The TAM counselor will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes for the client during a confirmed session, either online or in person; beyond 15 minutes, unless requested by the client, the session will stand completed and no refund will be provided. I agree that I will inform my TAM therapist or leave a message or email in case I cannot make it to the counselling session as confirmed in case of unavoidable circumstances. In case of a personal emergency or medical reasons I will need to cancel the session or do not turn up, I understand that I can request for a full refund or an appointment reschedule after speaking to my TAM therapist and/or sending us a message (through the chat dashboard or via email to [email protected].
  • Termination or Discontinuation of TAM Services:

    I understand that I have the right to discontinue or terminate the services at any time. I understand that TAM may terminate or discontinue the services under the following situations: if I request for services outside the scope, if I attend services under the influence of alcohol/ drugs, if I regularly become enraged or threatening or behave inappropriately towards my TAM consultant during sessions. If for any other reason, services are terminated, I will be informed of the reason for termination and recommendations of other options will be provided.
  • Evaluation of TAM Services:

    I understand that I may be asked to provide feedback on the services I receive after my therapy session. I will be directed to the Google Business review page where I can provide this feedback as it helps The Able Mind me to improve their services and also build their online presence. I can choose to provide this feedback, and I understand that it is not mandatory.
  • Consent for Release of Information:

    I understand my service and case records are maintained on TAM’s secured databases hosted on Amazon Cloud. Without my written consent, my service records will not be released to my employer or any third party subject to . I understand that I will be required to sign a Release of Information form should I wish to have any information released. I understand my privacy (Read our complete Privacy Policy) will still be protected and my records will only be seen by TAM and not disclosed to my employer or any other person. I understand that I will be required to sign a Release of Information form should I wish to have any information released to me.

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