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Budget 2024 Expectations, Batting for a resilient, inclusive future

The chronic under-investment in mental healthcare within Ayushman Bharat necessitates a paradigm shift in budgetary priorities. To build a comprehensive and accessible system for all Indians, we must implement targeted initiatives across three key pillars:

De-stigmatisation and prevention: Launching national public awareness campaigns, integrating age-appropriate mental health education into school curricula, and mandating comprehensive workplace wellness programs. These proactive measures aim to combat stigma, equip individuals with coping mechanisms, and foster early intervention.

Healthcare infrastructure: Expand insurance coverage for mental health services within Ayushman Bharat, implement targeted subsidies for low-income individuals, and increase funding for organizations serving rural and underserved communities. These actions will improve access, affordability, and geographic reach of essential care.

Addressing the workforce gap: Invest heavily in training programs and scholarships to attract and retain qualified mental health professionals across the country. This dedicated focus will close the workforce gap and ensure adequate availability of crucial support services.

Mental health: By committing to these bold and strategic Budget allocations, we can also revolutionize mental healthcare in India, unlocking its potential to improve individual well-being, community resilience, and national productivity. Investing in mental health is not just a moral imperative, but a wise investment in the future of our nation.

Budget 2024 Expectations, Batting for a resilient, inclusive future


16 January 2024

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