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Mental Health Counselling, Offline and Online Therapy, Individual Coaching by Experts

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Affordable and Anonymous professional Mental Health Support

- Anytime, Anywhere.
Just like taking care of your physical health, prioritizing your mental well-being is essential. Don't wait until challenges become overwhelming. Preventative and proactive mental healthcare is key to building the resilience and emotional strength you need to thrive. Our secure online platform provides a safe space to address a wide range of concerns, whether you're struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or past trauma. We understand that everyone's journey is unique.

Our online therpay platform caters to individuals at every stage of life. We offer specialized teenage counselling to help young people navigate the complexities of adolescence, including academic pressures, social anxieties, and building self-esteem. Parents can access our support services, gaining tools and strategies to promote emotional well-being within their families. Professionalsseeking to manage stress, build confidence, and achieve a healthy work-life balance can benefit from our individual and business coaching services. We also offer a holistic approach to mental health for corporates and educational institutions, promoting positive and productive environments for employees and students. This can include workshops, training programs, and access to individual support services.

Looking beyond traditional therapy, our platform provides a comprehensive suite of services. We offer techniques for anger management, diet and nutrition coaching tailored to support mental well-being, and specialized programs for conditions like depression and anxiety. Sometimes, all it takes is a listening ear and a safe space to talk. Our team of qualified professionals, including counsellors and, if needed, psychiatrists, are here to walk alongside you on your journey to mental well-being. Let's work together to build your confidence and overcome challenges, one step at a time.
Anxiety, Depression, Counselling

Best Online Counselling and Therapy Platform

A Simple Affordable Online Solution for Your Mental Health - Anxiety, Depression, Panic, Stress, Grief, Emotional Wellness, Positive Mental State, Personal Counselling, Relationship Counselling & More

  • - Most Affordable Mental Health Platform
  • - Highly Qualified Counsellors, Therapists and Coaches
  • - Trusted by Worldwide Clientele
  • - Book Appointments with Expert Counsellors
  • - Video, Audio, chat based counselling services

Best Mental Health Support App

Work, relationships and life can be tough. Talking to the right people makes it easier. Our team of trained and experienced mental health experts, therapists and counsellors can help you feel better, live better.

  • - 5 Days Free Trial Period
  • - Chat with Us on the Go
  • - Affordable Subscription starting ₹1600 / mth
  • - Unlimited Short Format Brief Therapy sessions.
  • - Journaling, Habir Tracker and Self Assessments.
  • - Unlimited Access to Resources
TAM Ambassadors

Enroll in our Ambassador Program

Advocate for Mindful Well-Being (Empower, Influence, Transform). Empower as a Mental Health Ambassador, fostering positive change among peers and society.

  • - Mission-driven Initiative
  • - Earn Commissions
  • - Community Impact Focus
  • - Commission-Based Advocacy
  • - Flexible Engagement
Proactive and Preventive Mental health Care


Mental health Solution for Individuals

Proactive and Preventive Online Mental Health Support

  • Anxiety Anxiety and Stress
  • Resilience Resilience Building
  • Depression Managing Depression
  • Parenting Parenting Issues
  • Anger Management Anger Management
  • Panic Attacks Managing Panic
  • Relationship Relationship Counselling
  • Coping and Grounding Coping with Stress
  • Sexual Abuse Combating Sexual Abuse
  • Youth Wellness Youth Emotional Wellness
  • Self Esteem Building Self Esteem
  • Women Wellbeing Women's Emotional Wellness
  • Positive Outlook Positive Psychology
  • Addiction Individual / Executive Coaching
Corporates EAP (Employee Assistance Program)


Mental health Solution for Corporates

For Corporates EAP (Employee Assistance Program)


  • Employee Coaching Employee coaching and development - Group / Individual for future leaders
  • Comprehensive Support Comprehensive mental health support for every employee.
  • Webinars Webinars, Curated Workshops
  • Interventions Emergency Interventions
  • On-The-Go Counselling On-The-Go Counselling Support
  • On-The-Go Counselling The Able Mind App Dedicated to Employee Wellness & Mental Health Support
  • Policy design services Policy design services for mental health
  • POSH Compliance POSH Compliance & Trainings
  • and More...
For Educational Institutes

Student Success Program


Mental health Solution for Educational Institutes

For Educational Institutes

Student Success Program

  • P.I.E. framework P.I.E. (Prevention, Intervention, Education)
  • Building Resilience Build Resilience during formative years
  • Pocket Coach On-the-Go Pocket Coach
  • Affordable Affordable and Effective
  • Complimentary Support Compliment existing counselling support
  • Anonymous Anonymous Support (live and asynchronous)
  • Ready for Life Getting students Ready for Life
  • UMEEDMeet Universal Mental Health Education and Empowerment Directives (UMMEED) guidelines.


The Able Mind at a Glance

  • The Able Mind Purpose

    Purpose: Empower People, Around the World, to Lead a Fuller Life.

  • The Able Mind Vision

    Vision: To change the social narrative around Mental Health

  • The Able Mind Mission

    Mission: To make mental health accessible and mindfully priced for everyone.

  • The Able Mind Values

    Values: Empathy, compassion, inclusion, and excellence.

  • The Able Mind Approach

    Approach: Personalized and evidence-based Chat, Online, Phone, Face to Face Therapy.

  • The Able Mind Team

    Team: Experienced and qualified mental health professionals.

  • The Able Mind Solution

    Solution: Supervised Anonymous 24x7 solution focused therapy focused on building resilience.

  • The Able Mind Philosophy

    Philosophy: Daily problems fester over time to become Mental Health issues. Solve for the molehills instead of just the mountains.

The Able Mind in the Press

The Able Mind Founder, Rohini Rajeev

Message from The Able Mind Founder

The Able Mind provides mindfully priced, inclusive, and accessible psychological counseling services. We are here to support you on your journey to better mental health, with a variety of services to fit your needs. Everyone deserves access to quality mental health care.

The Able Mind is a reflection of my core values and mission, shaped by my 22+ years of experience and insights in psychology and social work.

  • We believe that mental wellness is a collaborative effort, and we are committed to working with our clients to create a personalized treatment plan that meets their individual needs.
  • We offer a variety of services to choose from, so our clients can find the best fit for their situation. We are able to meet you wherever you are in your Mental Health journey
  • We are committed to making our services mindfully priced and accessible to everyone.
  • We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their mental health goals and live their best lives.
  • We are focussed on Preventive Mental health because we want to help you solve your problems before they become issues.

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