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Online Therapy Can Help overcome Trauma

The past shapes you, but you choose your future.

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Trauma Doesn't Define You. Rewrite Your Story

Trauma and How Online Therapy can help

Each day we tackle challenges prompting us to question our very existence. However, certain experiences leave us profoundly helpless. Trauma often drives individuals into a state where their entire world seems to circle around the emotions they felt during a specific incident.

Many people find themselves unable to move beyond the intense emotions and sensations tied to certain events, thus becoming trapped in a cycle of pain without knowing how to break free.

Trauma affects everyone differently. It can be so overwhelming that it makes you feel lost. Therapy can help you work through it and feel like yourself again.

Therapy for trauma can be long and extremely painful, as it can unearth so many memories that can bring back the pain that we try to run away from.

Nonetheless, it will lead us to facing our fears and working on them to give us a better quality of life. It is crucial to end the cycle of the impact of trauma to live authentically and freely.


Acute Trauma

Life can throw some serious curveballs. A sudden, scary event like a car accident, the death of someone close, or a violent attack can have a big impact on your mental health. This is called acute trauma.

Chronic Trauma

Imagine constantly facing scary situations, like abuse, neglect, or war. This can lead to something called chronic trauma, which means feeling stressed and scared for a long time.

Complex Trauma

Exposure to multiple traumatic events, often over an extended period, typically in situations where the individual has little to no control, such as an abusive relationship, dysfunctional family environment.

Childhood trauma

Developmental trauma occurs during the developmental period, such as childhood or adolescence which significantly impacts a person’s physical, emotional, and psychological world.

Interpersonal Trauma

Our relationships can be a source of joy, but sometimes they bring us pain. This could involve hurtful words, abuse (sexual, physical, or domestic), or even a violation of your privacy, usually by someone close to us and we trusted.

Secondary Trauma

Indirect trauma affects those exposed through work or relationships, like healthcare providers, caregivers, and witnesses to violence, causing psychological distress.It can also include people who have witnessed someone else getting violently abused.

Online Counselling for Trauma

How can a traumatic event affect me even years after it happened?

Even though we might try to push away or bury bad experiences, our bodies hold onto them. Traumatic events can leave a lasting impact on our health and well-being, changing how we react to situations and even jolting our nervous system.

How do I know if I have been through trauma?

Trauma can show itself in many ways. Common signs include flashbacks, memory gaps, intrusive thoughts, avoiding things that remind you of the event, trouble connecting with others, difficulty managing emotions, feeling constantly on edge, and being super alert.

Sometimes, our brains cope with trauma by creating memory gaps to shield us from the pain. This can make it hard to even realize we've been through something traumatic.

Therapy can be a powerful tool to understand how you respond to the trauma, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and rebuild your life in a way that feels manageable.

How can online therapy help me work through trauma?

Therapy can be a valuable space to explore how past experiences influence your reactions to current situations. You can develop healthier ways to cope with stress and difficult emotions. It's a safe environment to process the trauma and build strength against what might trigger those difficult feelings in the future.

What if I panic while talking about a traumatic event in therapy? Is Online Therapy effective>

Feeling safe is crucial in therapy. Talking about trauma can bring up strong emotions, like panic attacks. But don't worry, therapists are trained to help you manage these feelings. They can teach you relaxation techniques and work through the pain with you in a supportive way.

Even with online therapy, your safety remains a top priority. Our therapists are trained professionals skilled at guiding you through emotional responses and teaching coping skills. They can do this effectively without compromising the therapeutic process, ensuring a supportive and safe environment for healing, whether in person or online.

Will I ever be able to feel regulated again?

Absolutely, it's possible to feel in control and manage your emotions again after trauma. But that doesn't mean you'll never experience those feelings again. In very triggering situations, you might still feel panicked and overwhelmed. However, by using the skills you learn in therapy, you can significantly reduce the intensity of those reactions in the moment.

What are triggers, and how can I identify them?

Life throws us curveballs sometimes, and some can feel especially sharp if they remind us of past hurts. These curveballs are our triggers – objects, situations, even people – that can spark unexpected emotional responses tied to our trauma. They might come out of nowhere, a loud noise triggering a flashback, or a crowded room bringing back feelings of isolation.

You're not powerless against them. The key is paying attention to yourself. When you feel a wave of discomfort wash over you, ask yourself: "What's happening right now that might be making me feel this way?" By tuning into your present emotions, you can start to identify your triggers and develop healthier ways to deal with them. Imagine it like emotional detective work – piecing together the clues to understand what sets you off and build your coping toolkit.

Is it normal to feel worse before feeling better in therapy?

Things might not always get easier right away in therapy. You might even feel worse at times, or find yourself getting triggered more often. That's okay! It's all part of the process. People around you might also act differently because they're used to how you were before therapy. Just remember, these are normal bumps in the road. Think of therapy like a rollercoaster. There will be dips and dives, but the whole point is to come out stronger and feeling more in control.

How does trauma affect my mental well-being?

Trauma can mess with us in a big way. It might leave you feeling emotionally drained, constantly on edge, and maybe even down on yourself. Some people deal with it by shutting down a bit, like they're going numb to everything around them. This is called dissociation. Trauma can also make it harder to feel good about yourself and connect with others the way you might want to.

We strive to create a space that allows you to feel comfortable enough to share without feeling conscious and without the fear of being judged.

Online Counselling for Trauma

The Able Mind approach to online therapy for Trauma

At The Able Mind, we know trauma can be tough. We believe everyone has the potential to heal, regardless of what they've been through. That's why we focus on your comfort and safety in therapy. Our therapists listen carefully to your unique story and believe in the strength you already possess. Trauma may shape your experiences, but it doesn't define you. We'll work with you to develop coping mechanisms and build resilience so you can move forward on your terms./p>

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The Able Mind - Online Counsellors

While Trauma dynamics may impact your inner landscape, they do not overshadow your essence or define your identity. At The Able Mind, we are committed to accompanying you on your journey toward rediscovering resilience, strength, and the capacity for growth. Together, we will cultivate parentings that enrich your life and nurture your spirit.

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