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Online Therapy Can Help Build Lasting Confidence

Empowering Self-Worth.

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Believe in yourself, for the world will follow the confidence you radiate.

Confidence Building Challenges and How Online Therapy can help

Confidence, resilience, and self-esteem are foundational pillars of mental well-being, shaping how individuals perceive themselves and navigate life's challenges.

Have you ever wondered if you were not enough? Do you often think of yourself as being less capable than others? Have you been told you are oversensitive?

Having confidence in your abilities and wanting to keep expanding on your emotional management strategies can help you go a long way in life.

Confidence is one the primary pillars to tackling the hurdles life throws at you. Being able to rely on yourself to make the right decisions and growing a space for expanding your capabilities is an essential part to achieving higher and more fulfilling success in life.

Therapy can provide a supportive environment for exploring and challenging self-limiting beliefs, cultivating assertiveness, and developing practical skills to navigate social and professional interactions with greater confidence.

Building Confidence, Self-Esteem

Assertive communication

Assertive communication empowers individuals to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs clearly and respectfully. By asserting themselves confidently, individuals reinforce their self-worth and gain respect from others. This fosters a positive self-image and strengthens confidence in one's abilities and opinions, contributing to overall self-confidence and assertiveness.

Mental and Emotional Resilience

Mental and emotional resilience enables individuals to overcome adversity and handle challenges effectively. It cultivates inner strength, fostering a positive outlook and building self-assurance. This resilience boosts overall confidence, empowering individuals to navigate life's ups and downs with resilience and optimism.


Self-esteem is the foundation of confidence and self-worth. It involves recognizing one's value and capabilities, leading to a positive self-image. With high self-esteem, individuals believe in themselves, set healthy boundaries, and pursue their goals with resilience. This self-assurance fosters personal growth and success in various aspects of life.

Negative Self-talk

Negative self-talk undermines self-confidence by reinforcing doubts and insecurities. It can lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. By recognizing and challenging negative thoughts, individuals can build resilience and cultivate a more positive self-image. Overcoming negative self-talk fosters self-compassion and strengthens confidence in one's abilities.

Online Confidence Building Counselling FAQ

How can therapy make me feel more confident?

Through therapy, we can dig deep to the roots of the low confidence that we experience. Once we understand the cause of our low confidence, we can work through the difficulties and build our confidence up.

It is a process, and can take time, but it is important to be patient with the process as well as with yourself.

What are some aspects of confidence that therapy can help build?

Therapy can address various aspects of confidence, including:

  • Assertive communication: Therapy teaches you to express your needs and opinions clearly and respectfully, fostering healthier relationships.
  • Mental resilience: You'll learn coping mechanisms to manage stress, bounce back from setbacks, and maintain a positive outlook.
  • Self-esteem: By identifying your strengths and achievements, therapy helps you develop a healthy sense of self-worth and value.
  • Self-compassion: Therapy can help you replace negative self-talk with self-compassion, allowing you to be kinder to yourself during challenges.
Is confidence something you can learn?

Yes! Confidence is a skill that can be developed through therapy and consistent effort.

Is online therapy effective for confidence building?

Yes, online therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy for building confidence.

Is lack of confidence an actual issue that requires therapy?

Certainly! Many individuals can have concerns regarding confidence, and it can impact various aspects of our lives and it is important to understand the nuances that may affect you in these contexts better, to boost your confidence levels up.

Through therapy, we can work on these concerns to help you get back to believing in your abilities.

How do I work on my confidence outside of therapy?

Therapy is a space where we can learn the techniques to cope with our concerns. These skills are further developed by practicing them outside of the therapeutic space.

It is important to be able to apply the skills and techniques learned in the therapeutic space to the real world that we experience in our daily lives.

How is my confidence connected to self-esteem?

More often than not, our self-esteem, which is an evaluation of how we see ourselves plays an integral part in our confidence.

How we view ourselves is important for us to be able to build on our confidence.

Having a positive view of oneself can boost our confidence in our abilities and who we are.

What if I feel embarrassed by talking about confidence in therapy?

Therapy is a non-judgemental space that is facilitative of one's growth. While that may be, we can also feel embarrassed to talk about our insecurities, and that is okay.

We strive to create a space that allows you to feel comfortable enough to share without feeling conscious and without the fear of being judged.

How can I work on my confidence when I feel like nothing is working for me?

Often, when we are faced with concerns regarding confidence, it can seem like nothing will work for us. It is important for us to focus on the basics in this case.

We want to set small, achievable goals for ourselves, be patient and compassionate with ourselves, and challenge the negative thoughts that we have.

When we achieve small goals it can give us a boost of confidence.

It is easy for us to think negatively when we feel like nothing is working. It is important for us to acknowledge the things that are working for us, and the positive things as well.

Most importantly, we have to be kind, and patient with ourselves. It is a process, and it does not change overnight. Some days can feel more challenging than others, but as long as we are able to show up for ourselves, it can make the journey a little easier.

How long does it take to build confidence?

Everyone progresses differently, but with consistent work, you can see improvements in weeks or months.

What happens in a confidence-building therapy session?

Sessions typically involve exploring negative thought patterns, identifying strengths, and developing coping mechanisms.

Online Counselling to Improve Confidence

The Able Mind approach to online therapy

Through personalised therapy sessions, we'll work together to identify negative thought patterns, challenge self-limiting beliefs, and develop practical strategies for building confidence in your personal and professional life. With our support, you can learn to embrace your unique talents and qualities, step into your power, and live life with greater purpose and authenticity. Don't let self-doubt hold you back any longer—take the first step toward a more confident and fulfilling life with therapy at The Able Mind.

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The Able Mind - Online Counsellors

While Confidence Building dynamics may impact your inner landscape, they do not overshadow your essence or define your identity. At The Able Mind, we are committed to accompanying you on your journey toward rediscovering resilience, strength, and the capacity for growth. Together, we will cultivate parentings that enrich your life and nurture your spirit.

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