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A valid email address is required to register with The Able Mind. and receive appointment notifications. You will receive a token via email that you will need to authenticate your account and continue the registration process. This additional verification is not required for users who register with Google, Apple, or WhatsApp.
You can use your Google / Apple / Whatsapp credentials to register and log into The Able Mind. During this registration process we will only retrieve your basic profile (name, email and id). If you wish to do so, please click here and use the google sign-in button to proceed. We will bring you back to provide a few additional details that are required to complete this registration. You will also be able to link your google / apple credentials with your existing login at any time.
Disclaimer: The Able Mind wishes to clarify that this is not a forum/helpline meant for suicide prevention or acute psychiatric illnesses. If you or those close to you are in acute distress and/or require immediate medical or psychiatric attention, we urge you to contact your nearest medical centre/hospital immediately. The Able Mind, it’s management and staff are not qualified to intervene under those situations that qualify as medical (physiological or psychiatric) emergencies and will not be held responsible for those situations if and when they may arise.

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