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  • 21-Sep-2022
  • The Able Mind

Seeking support is seen as a reactive solution today

Seeking support is seen as a reactive solution today… An individual reaches out only when their problem/s have turned into larger, more complicated issues that overwhelms them, resulting in a permanently “stressed-out” state of mind, detrimental to their overall quality of life.

At The Able Mind, we want to encourage proactive seeking out of mental health support as an everyday habit, because sometimes all it takes is a judgement-free space that allows us to ventilate and discuss our thoughts, fears and concerns to feel better…

We believe that

1. We should solve for the molehills and not wait for problems to become mountains that can be overwhelming

2. One should not let problems fester within, learning to let go is critical and can be learnt

3. Problems do not define a person, neither does it limit one's potential to overcome it, if only we harness our minds to handle everything that is in store because we believe that In every mind lies the ability to become something more…

- The Able Mind

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