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  • 17-Nov-2022
  • The Able Mind

The Able Mind App

      If you wait for your life to unfold, it will never happen. Our lives are filled with distractions and activities that might seem important at the time but only take up space in our min

             a. Are you stuck in your life?
             b. Do you feel like you are losing sight of who you really are because you let life get all caught up in the minutiae?
             c. Did you always want to seek help but couldn't afford it or couldn't find the time for it?
             d. Did you always want to seek help but are so busy that you couldn't find the time for it?
             e. Are you constantly looking at today with the lens of yesterday?

      Declutter your mind; talk freely and anonymously. Find out how to deal with your daily issues by talking to our qualified counsellors anytime, anywhere at a price that is truly affordablePrevention is, after all, better than the cure. Don't wait for the molehills to become mountains.

      App Features:

        Feel Better In 15" - Live chat with a counsellor anytime, anywhere. 16X7 support. Learn to cope with your daily stressors.

        Leave it With Us - Too busy to chat. Leave us a message and we will get back to you with a response

        Tide Over Together - Counsellor-led peer group sessions (chat and audio)

        Resources - Self Help Articles and Resource Centers across 17 states within India.

        Your Story and Mine - Stories of Hope, Learn from the experiences of others.

        More, releasing soon.

        Download The Able Mind App & try it now

        -The Able Mind

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