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Step Up... Straighten someone's crown today

Wave Art
29 Jan 2020
2 minutes read
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Step Up... Straighten someone's crown today

All of us grapple with life issues... some of us more often than others... some with problems more severe and isolated. But a few are lucky.. they either have it in them to seek help or have those who care about them deeply and non-judgementally, who help them reach out when they are unable to do it themselves. But what happens to those who don’t? So many people crumble under pressure... either shutting themselves out slowly or suddenly one day... dramatic and devastating.  Everyone deserves a shot at life.

Today... I urge you to step up. I urge you to look around and notice those beside and behind you. If you ever come across someone who doesn't seem to be “all there”, then I urge you to take a step forward and engage with them. If you can help them with just a smile or a pat on the back, then I urge you to do it. Sometimes that is all it takes to stop someone from ending their life... just knowing that they are not invisible and someone does care. Notice. I appeal to you to encourage someone today. And if you feel that someone you know needs more than just a smile, I urge you to ask them to seek help. It takes strength to reach out and courage to admit that we may be in need of emotional support. I urge you to talk to someone today, anyone...about anything... just talk...or even better...Listen.

I urge you to listen to your children. Spend some time with them today and be interested in them... be interested in their interests... no matter how old they are or how much you think they don’t need you now... I urge you to talk to them. Talk about their lives, their day, their friends. Talk about seemingly unimportant things, talk about making a difference, encourage them to do their bit, show them how it is done, so that we raise a future generation that is not complacent and nonchalant, but kind. Be there. We have one life... let us make it count and use it to make things better for those around us. Create meaning, leave an impact...make a difference in the life of another. In any which way we can. A sense of purpose and knowing that we matter is what all of us need to get us through moments of hopelessness. Create meaning.

I appeal to you today to make tomorrow happen...for there maybe someone amidst us right now who doesn't think their night will ever turn to day...

Step up. Start Noticing. I urge you.

-Rohini Kesavan Rajeev
Founder, The Able Mind

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