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Stressors maybe wearing you out

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27 Sep 2023
2 minutes read
The Able Mind
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Stressors maybe wearing you out

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Harsh. He was working as a brand manager at a big firm. He had a lot of work deadlines but he would find himself doing unimportant things, getting distracted from constant interruptions. In the end, he would often find himself working late into the night, trying to finish his assignments and projects on time. 

As a result, he would get very little sleep, which made him feel tired and unproductive during the day. This started causing him a lot of stress and anxiety. 

He would often worry about how he would be able to finish all his work on time, and the constant pressure was taking a toll on his mental health. He would often get panic attacks and feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that he had to do.

The story is similar to millions of people like Harsh….😲🤐

The first step to mitigating stress and overwhelm from work life is to identify patterns that are hampering your productivity. 

Here are the reasons that link poor time management with stress and anxiety

Increased workload: Poor time management can lead to an increase in workload due to procrastination, missed deadlines, or poorly planned tasks. This can cause a sense of overwhelm and stress as there may not be enough time to complete all the necessary tasks.

Decreased productivity: Poor time management can also lead to decreased productivity as a result of multitasking, inefficient task prioritization, and a lack of focus. This can cause stress and anxiety as it can feel like you are not making progress despite working hard.

Increased pressure: Poor time management can lead to increased pressure to meet deadlines or complete tasks, which can cause stress and anxiety. This pressure can also lead to a fear of failure or fear of disappointing others.

Reduced control: Poor time management can reduce a person's sense of control over their workload and time, which can cause stress and anxiety. Without a sense of control, it can feel like you are at the mercy of your workload and deadlines, leading to a feeling of powerlessness.

Disruptions to work-life balance: Poor time management can also disrupt a person's work-life balance, leading to stress and anxiety. This can be especially true for college students who may feel like they are constantly behind on coursework or have little time for social activities or self-care.

Overall, poor time management can lead to increased workload, decreased productivity, increased pressure, reduced control, and disruptions to work-life balance, all of which can contribute to stress and anxiety. 

By developing effective time management skills and habits, it is possible to reduce the negative impact of poor time management on mental health and well-being. By successfully identifying the root cause of your stress and overwhelm, you are now ready to take the first step toward leading a more productive life.  

Struggling to pinpoint your stressor? Talk to us!

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