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Bodyholic with Di, Rohini Rajeev and Rajeev Vijayan

  • 18-Apr-2023
  • The Able Mind

Rohini and Rajeev engage in a conversation with Di about various topics related to mental health empowerment. Specifically, they discuss effective strategies for detecting and intervening in mental health issues at an early stage, as well as exploring ways in which technology can be utilized to promote mental health empowerment. Throughout their dialogue, they share valuable insights and perspectives on these crucial topics, highlighting the importance of raising awareness about mental health and breaking down stigmas associated with seeking help. The discussion delves into the potential benefits of utilizing technology, such as teletherapy and mental health apps, to provide accessible and convenient mental health resources. Overall, the conversation centers around empowering individuals to prioritize their mental well-being and take steps towards improving their mental health with the help of available resources and support.

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